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Padre Boutros e os piolhos de Mafoma

O Sheik Yermami publica uma descrição de um episódio do famoso programa de televisão do notável padre copta Zakaria Boutros, egípcio que, por amor aos seus concidadãos e com o fito de os retirar do engano religioso em que vivem, desafia os ulema, os sábios do islão, a esclarecer incongruências, explicar absurdos, etc. O padre Boutros usa sempre fontes islâmicas de reconhecida autoridade pelos muçulmanos, como neste caso.
É claro que o seu zelo de conversão dos muçulmanos — proibido pelo islão — e o seu atrevimento de questionar o islão, levaram ao estabelecimento de um prémio pela sua morte. Religião da paz, dizem.

Colo um video que serve de apresentação do padre Boutros e, de seguida, colo parte da dita descrição e recomendo a leitura de todo o texto:

«1. The Sunan of Abu Dawud al-Sajistani (Book 19, Number 3074) as well as the Jamia al-Asul of Ibn Kathir and the Sunan al-Kubra of Imam al-Bayhaqi relate that a woman named Zainab was picking lice from the head of the Prophet (it is unclear from the texts if this is the daughter-of-law and cousin of Muhammad whom he married after she divorced his son Zayd, or another woman with the same name).

2. Abu al-Qasim al-Tabarani in his Al-Mujam al-Kabeer relays an account by Umm Salama that she was picking lice from the head of the prophet when a woman named Zainab came to see her. Umm Salama stopped picking the lice as he lifted her head to talk to Zainab, but Muhammad angrily told her not to stop; she could talk to Zainab and pick his lice at the same time.

3. Ibn Jawzi in Kashf al-Mushkil writes that the Prophet liked to take his afternoon nap in the house of Anas Ibn Malik’s aunt, and she would pick the lice off his head.

4. Abu Umar Ibn Abdel Barr in his book Tamhid writes that Umm Haram relayed that the Prophet used to come to her house and fall asleep in her lap while she picked his lice.

5. Jalal al-Din al Sayuti in al-Durr al-Mansur writes that Akramah said that a woman named Khawlah came to the Prophet to complain about her husband while another woman was picking the lice from Muhammad’s head. As Khawlah began speaking Muhammad lifted his head distractedly towards the sky, causing the woman to exclaim, “Khawlah, can’t you stop talking? Don’t you see what you are doing to the Prophet?”

After noting that it seemed as if everywhere the Prophet went he needed women to pick the lice from his hair, including but not limited to the five women listed above, Abuna Zakaria paused dramatically as he often does, to look directly into the camera and ask, “I would like the Ulama (Muslim scholars) of al-Azhar University to explain to us why the head of the Prophet was so filled with lice that everywhere he went he needed women to remove them. Your Quran describes Christians as najiseen (filthy), but whose head was covered with lice?”

When the co-host asked if the Arabic texts also gave the reasons for lice, Zakaria continued with the following sources:

In his Book of Animals, al Jahiz (go here for more on this fascinating Arab zoologist, grandson of an African slave) said that Abu-Qathifa asked his friends if they knew were lice came from. When they replied they did not, he told them that lice gathered when they passed gas and did not clean themselves. Later in the same book, al-Jahiz wrote that lice multipled from unclean perspiration, dirty clothing, and unwashed hair. In his Book of Medicine, Physician al-Razi wrote that lice increased when people rarely took baths. Shaykh al-Nasafi noted in his book Tilbat al-Talabah that “filth brings lice”. Ibn Samoun wrote in Amali that lice grow in places that are not clean. Again characteristically, Zakaria asked, “Did the Prophet have so many lice because he was unclean? I don’t want anyone to accuse me – I’m just asking the question.”

The co-host next asked what Arabic sources said about someone who had lice. Zakaria quoted Abu Husayn Zakaria in The Encyclopedia of Language as saying, “Lice indicates vulgarity and oppression. The person with lice is vulgar and an oppressor.”»

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