Friday, November 6, 2009

Infiltração jihadista (5)

Conclusões precipitadas?
«(...) When in heaven’s name will we get a Commander-in-Chief who is willing to hold the military accountable for their weasley, whingey excuses? For too many administrations we have had weak-willed politicians who have refused to speak the truth about the poison in their realm.

It is past time to eliminate the possibility of even one more outbreak of Sudden Jihad against our soldiers within what is supposed to be friendly territory. It is time for our Commander-in-Chief to stop mouthing platitudes and to perform the hard and necessary work of making our military safe at home.

Are there loyal Muslims within the ranks of our military? No doubt. But the incidence of Cowardly Superiors is rising, and for the sake of our men’s morale and welfare, Muslims must be discriminated against by being declared ineligible for active military duty in the service of their country. There are plenty of other ways to serve that don’t involve the risk against other soldiers of cold-blooded “friendly” fire.

Until we have an officers corps worthy of the name, the Muslim soldiers need to go, taking their Muslim chaplains with them. Their going will also obviate all the extra requirements the government has to supply to keep the followers of Allah in accord with his dictates.

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