Monday, January 18, 2010

A coragem do artista dimi (2)

N.B.: embora as imagens e a ideia do objecto e da acção putativamente artísticos me entristeçam e repugnem, acho bem que não tenham fechado a exposição.

«Socking it to the Virgin Mary

by Baron Bodissey

When I was a little kid, my big brother would take it out on me whenever one of our parents punished him. It didn’t matter whether I shared any responsibility for the crime that got him in trouble — as soon as we were alone in the room: WHAP!

That’s what the cultural Left reminds me of. Islam is the Big Daddy, and not to be trifled with. We kuffar have learned that Muslims have a tendency to slaughter infidels, especially infidels who do anything that seems to insult Islam. For those who somehow remained unaware of their subservient position, the murder of Theo Van Gogh was a belated wake-up call: Don’t mess with Big Daddy.

Bruges Iconoclasm 2So Little Brother Christianity makes a nice scapegoat. When Big Daddy humiliates you, turn around and sock it to the Christians. WHAP!

There — don’t you feel better now?

Here’s an épater-les-bourgeois example of this dynamic at work in the Flemish city Bruges (Brugge), as described in an excerpt from “Diary Thoughts” (16) by Benno Barnard, and translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

Thursday: (If Islam allowed humor, the Swiss Muslims would have build a mosque in the form of a cuckoo clock: no better symbol of the demographic jihad but that bird)

The Brugge Mariastad [“Bruges Maria-city”] committee wants to close down an exhibition that mocks Christianity with great enthusiasm — or at least mocks the relationship between religion and power. The committee takes particular offense at a fairground stall, created by a certain Peter Puype, where visitors may smash plaster statuettes of Mary by throwing stones at them. How the artist will enjoy all the attention! His manifestation of cultural self-hatred is dripping with the adolescent desire to insult the good old little bigots, attached to their comforting and totally harmless Mary-worship, as brutally as possible.

It would have been more heroic to manufacture little plaster figures of Muhammad, my dear artist, and have those dashed into to pieces — also not very delicate, but at least you would then be insulting a real enemy, doubling the offense first by depicting the Prophet and then by destroying him. And then the exhibition would have been closed down by the authorities in a blink of an eye, so you would have become a martyr for free speech… and in an unexploded condition!

[The committee eventually decided not to close the exhibition down, which will close anyway as planned today, January 17. — VH]»

Bruges Iconoclasm 1

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