Thursday, January 29, 2009

A face que se oculta

O título deste postal alude a uma série de postais que me propus publicar dedicada a dar a conhecer o homem que dirigirá nos próximos quatro anos os destinos dos EUA.
Neste postal se dá conta de que, apesar da popularidade da medida abaixo reportada, pelo menos nos meios ditos progressistas, o que norteia as decisões de Obama é, antes de qualquer outra coisa, o calculismo político, à semelhança do que já fez com o pretenso encerramento da prisão de Guantanamo e a putativa proibição do uso de métodos coercivos em interrogatórios conduzidos pelos serviços secretos norte-americanos.
«(...) Recall that Obama received the enthusiastic support of every pro-abortion organization and promised that the first thing he’d do in office was to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. Recall that Obama celebrated his election with NARAL head Nancy Keenan. Recall that Obama has packed his staff with members of the abortion lobby. So one would think that when the time came to sign the first big pro-choice order, the President would proudly march on to the front lawn of the White House surrounded by cheering throngs of abortion lobby officials and sign a blow-up of the order with a giant pen at high noon.

But what did he do? He scheduled the signing for a late Friday afternoon. He barred the media from the signing ceremony. The actual the text of the directive was not released until three hours later, after Obama had fled from the room.

When cockroaches wallow in filth, they like it quiet and they like it dark. They don’t like people to see what they’re doing, and disappear when the lights go on. All you see after they scurry away is their disease-ridden droppings. So I repeat: President Obama acted like a filthy, disease-ridden cockroach. The description is a behavioral one, not a genetic one. (...)»

(Destaques meus.)

Ler tudo, em The Raving Theist

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